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TitleTritium concentration in precipitation at Tamura City, Fukushima in 2013-2014
Author 1Tagomori, Hisaya (Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association)
Author 2Tamari, Toshiya (Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association)
Author 3Kawamura, Hidehisa (Kyushu Environmental Evaluation Association)
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SubjectLand Surface
AbstractThis dataset contains 13 records of tritium concentration in monthly precipitation at Tamura City, Fukushima from Nov 2013 to Dec 2014 (exclude Jan 2014). Tritium was electrically enriched, and measured using LSC. A part of these 3H data was used in a report written in Japanese entitled “Tritium activity concentration of water vapor and precipitation Fukushima Prefecture in 2013-2014” by Tagomori et al. published at https://keea.or.jp/pdf/knakyokanri/44/vol_44_08.pdf, accessed on 1 September 2021.
Temporal coverageNov 2013 ~ Dec 2014
Spatial coveragePrecipitation (N37.4542~N37.4690, E140.517~140.666)
File formatDelimited
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PublisherCenter for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba
Publication year2021
Publication date3rd of September, 2021
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi: 10.34355/KEEA.00086 Data Download (19KB)
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Citation textTagomori, H., Tamari, T., Kawamura, H. "Tritium concentration in precipitation at Tamura City, Fukushima in 2013-2014", doi: 10.34355/KEEA.00086
Serial at center00086
Serial at each Univ./InstituteKEEA00001
Key word 1Precipitation
Key word 2Tritium
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