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Important notice on dataset correction
8th September, 2021

Dear user of DOI ENVRAD database site,

The author found a mistake in 1867 records of 137Cs activity concentration in HAMGlobal2021 published as 10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00085. 137Cs activity concentration in HAMGlobal2021 of which MRIREFNOs are Livingston1985, Casso1984, Bowen1982, Livingston1984, and Livingston1985b are one-tenth of the correct value due to incorrect conversion factor from dpm/100 kg to Bq m-3.

We prepare a corrected file and put it into the download package of 10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00085.

We apology any inconvenience due to this.

Best regards,

Michio Aoyama, Prof., the representative of DOI ENVRAD publisher at Univ. of Tsukuba

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