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ERAN (Environmental Radioactivity Research Network Center) consists of six organizations: CRiED ( Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics, University of Tsukuba),  IER (Institute of Environmental Radioactivity, Fukushima University), and IREM (INSTITUTE OF RADIATION EMERGENCY MEDICINE, Hirosaki University) as network centers, and JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), QST (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology), and NIES (National Institute for Environmental Studies) as cooperative network centers.
We are convinced that the results of the joint research and international efforts of these six organizations with their unique technologies and characteristics will be critical to the recovery and possible future events.

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Chemosphere Volume 239, January 2020, 124777

Impact of forest thinning on the dynamics of litterfall derived 137Cs deposits in coniferous forest floor after Fukushima accident
Teramage, M. T., Onda, Y., Kato, H., Sun, X. (2020) 

The effects of a 50% forest thinning intensity on Fukushima-derived 137Cs deposition by litterfall and its discharge by runoff in hillslope coniferous forest were monitored using four litterfall traps and a hillslope erosion plot. The observation was underway during the pre-and post-thinning periods. Results demonstrated that during the pre-thinning period a total 150 ± 13 g m−2 of litterfall deposited about 924 ± 69 Bq m−2 of 137Cs. This accounts for 11% of the local 137Cs fallout recorded for the study site in the aftermath of the accident. After thinning, both litterfall and 137Cs increased by more than six- and two-fold, respectively. 

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Teramage, M. T., Onda, Y., Kato, H., Sun, X. Impact of forest thinning on the dynamics of litterfall derived 137Cs deposits in coniferous forest floor after Fukushima accident, Chemosphere Volume 239, January 2020, 124777


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Physical Analysis

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