■ Overview of Research Formation Plan ■

In the global environment change and environmental degradation with artificial activity predicted in future, realization of sustainable water environment and reservation of water resources is the urgent problem that the human cannot avoid.

Interdisciplinary and comprehensive action is extremely important.
Academic fields such as engineering, agriculture and science, and also ministries such as MoE (Ministry of Environment), MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), and MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) gather their wisdom and face this problem.
Having the combination of perspective by focusing on regional endemism and considering on a global scale is important for water resources and water environment study.
Accordingly, we aim for implementation of sustainable water resources and water environment in harmony with nature.

1) Implementation of research network regarding water cycle and water environment by holding periodical meetings with research institute and University of Tsukuba in the Tsukuba District.
2) Establishment of interdisciplinary education and research center with water cycle chemistry corresponding to the global environment change and the measure between each ministries and agencies.
3) Evaluation and investigation of the sustainability (compatibility of human needs and ecological needs) after elucidating the relationship between the land use of the basin and water/material cycle.
4) Attempts to develop evaluation methods related to environmental degradation using various tracer

Therefore, we build "All TSUKUBA Network" for catchment water environment study focusing on natural symbiosis and sustainability by taking advantage of the Tsukuba Science City and aiming for water-related networking between laboratories.
In addition, the ultimate goal at University of Tsukuba is the establishment of research center for water-cycle and water environment in catchment area by the advancement of leading graduate schools education and networking between laboratories.