Media and Press


●2013.03.10 Al Jazeera English: Fukushima forests found to be radioactive
●2012.08.22 TV ASAHI: HODO station
●2011.09.14 NHK GTV: OHAYO Nippon
●2011.09.14 NHK GTV: Jiron Koron
●2011.09.11 TBS TV: Special TV Program for The Great East Japan Earthquake
●2006.09.04 NHK Digital: IBARAKI waiwai Studio
●2006.09.01 NHK GTV: OHAYO Nippon the Metropolitan Area
●2005.06.04 NHK ETV: Science ZERO, Environmental Series(1)
●2004.10.15 NHK Radio Daiichi: Radio Midnight News


●2013.01.24 NIHON SUIDO Shinbun:The future of water in the next 50 years, CREST "Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use"
●2012.11.23 MAINICHI Newspaper: Eastern Japan Earthquake- Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident: University of Tsukuba established "Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics" to trace the radioactive contamination.
●2012.09.11 ASAHI Newspaper: A year and half memorial of Eastern Japan Earthquake: Continue the fight against radioactive contamination
●2012.03.13 MAINICHI Newspaper: Radioactive material in the mud at the bottom of the dam: flow into river with rain and concentrated?
●2012.03.01 SANKEI Newspaper: Fear of fixing Cesium/ Urgent need of forest decontamination in Fukushima
●2012.02.05 YOMIURI Newspaper: Ability to measure implementation, the proficiency testing will be in force.
●2012.02.04 ASAHI Newspaper: Sample to provide accurate measurement of radioactivity / Variability of soil measurement calibration
●2012.02.04 MAINICHI Newspaper: Fukushima NPP : Standard sample of radioactive material to improve measurement accuracy -Distributed by University of Tsukuba
●2012.01.27 Newton: A chain of earthquake islands and Nuclear Power Plant 「Report on pollution status in forests」
●2012.01.15 YOMIURI Newspaper: Diffusion of radioactive material by Japan-France Research -Attention to the movement of water and soil
●2011.09.14 ASAHI Newspaper: 90% of Cesium will be decreased by removing fallen leaves -Clue to the decontamination of forest
●2011.09.14 YOMIURI Newspaper: Radioactive cesium has fallen to the forest -deposited 50 to 90% on fallen leaves and branches
●2006.01.27 MAINICHI Newspaper: Artificial coniferous forests are 30% of water-retentive broad-leaved tree -The university research team causes a stir in a flood control discussion
●2005.07.16 ASAHI Newspaper:MADO-from Editorialist room-,Rain in the forest
●2004.10.16 YOMIURI Newspaper:Forest→Heavy Rain→Flooding -Experiment at large facilities
●2004.10.16 THE JAPAN AGRICULTURAL NEWS: Explore the mechanism of flooding
●2004.10.16 IBARAKI Newspaper: Artificial rain in forest for flood assessment
●2004.10.16 TOKYO Newspaper: To experiment with, such as forest rainfall distribution