News Letter Vol.9 has been issued.
[Upadated on Mar. 1, 2017]
Issued Date Title
2017/3/1 VOL.9 ISET-R Plenary Conference @Laboratory of Advanced Research A in University of Tsukuba March 11-12, 2016
2015/8/18 VOL.8 JRR Award at ICRR 2015
2015/8/6 VOL.7 ISET-R Plenary Conference @ Cross Wave Makuhari May 25, 2015
2015/2/24 VOL.6 ISET-R Symposium on Jan. 9 & 10, 2015 @Advanced Research Laboratory Building A, University of Tsukuba
2014/9/1 VOL.5 ISET-R Plenary Conference on May 1@Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, JAMSTEC 5/1/2014
2014/8/1 VOL.4 ISET-R Projects for Fostering Young Researchers ISET-R Projects for Fostering Young Researchers
Visits to IAEA headquarters, CTBTO, and research laboratories in Seibersdorf. 4/25/2014
2013/2/25 VOL.3 IAEA Proficiency Test JAPAN MEETING 10/11/2012
2013/1/24 VOL.2 Fukushima Ocean Impacts Symposium 11/12-14/2012
2012/12/27 VOL.1 8/19-20/2012 Kick-Off Meeting at Narita View Hotel