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All the published DOI under "Land Surface" are listed below.

DOI Title Authors Subject Year of Pub. file size (KB)
10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00002 Initial Cs-137 deposition data within Fukushima Prefecture area following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. Kato H., Onda Y. Land Surface 2019 2,692
10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00003 Initial Cs-137 deposition data in eastern part of Japan following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. Kato, H., Onda, Y., Gao, X., Sanada, Y., Saito, K. Land Surface 2019 10,350
10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00004 Monthly deposition of 137Cs at Tokyo/Tsukuba during the period from April 1957 to March 2018 Aoyama, M. Atmosphere, Land Surface 2019 23
10.34355/CRiED.U.Tsukuba.00005 The Integrated Global Fallout Database - IGFD Aoyama, M. Land Surface 2020 14,500
10.34355/IER.Fukushima.U.00013 Cesium-137 activity concentration in suspended sediments in turbid water in paddy fields in Fukushima Wakiyama, Y., Onda, Y., Yoshimura, K. Land Surface 2020 24

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