Center for Research in Radiation, Isotopes, and Earth System Sciences, University of TSUKUBA: Radionuclides Environmental Transfer Section


River basin of mountain

Upstream of FUJI River.Landslides occur frequently at the site of logging.

The condition right after the landslide at Hogawachi, MINAMATA.
A person is standing from the center of the photo to the right.


Sprinkler type of Rainfall Simulator: measuring the infiltration capacity of the soil in the forest.

Planting cypress trees in the large rainfall facility.
Reproducing troughfall by giving artificial rain.
( at National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention)

Field Observation

Water sampling from observation well.

In the cypress plantation. Soil surface has been eroded.


Desertification is in progress.

Runoff plot at Baganuur, Mongolia.

Jordana's LTER Site

Plot for the measurement of soil erosion.
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