ERAN 2020年度 オンライン年次報告会について

2020年度 ERANオンライン年次報告会 Remoテスト接続会場のご案内

Announcement of ERAN 2020 Annual Report Meeting held online using Remo. Connection test is now scheduled.

2020年度 ERAN(放射能環境動態・影響評価ネットワーク共同拠点)年次報告会は、新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大対策としてオンラインで開催します。

The ERAN 2020 Annual Report Meeting is held online, as a measure against the spread of new coronavirus infection.
In poster presentation part, Remo is selected as the web conferencing tool. Remo can realize a more face to face discussion which allows up to 6 people to participate in each booth (table).
We will set aside time to experience Remo in advance. The user manual will be provided on the test connection period. We are looking forward your participation with the best preparation for everyone.

提出物について / About Submissions

1. スライド(PDFファイルもしくはJPEGファイル)フラッシュトーク用のスライド1枚のご提出をお願い致します。スライドはPDFファイルもしくはJPEGファイルでご提出ください。PPTXファイル等でご提出の場合、ファイルが型崩れする恐れがあります。フラッシュトークではお一人30秒で、ポスターの宣伝をお願い致します。例年通り時間が来ましたら次の方の発表に移りますので、よろしくお願い致します。 

2. ポスター(JPEGファイル)REMOを使用したポスター発表となります。REMO上でPDFファイルを表示できませんので、必ずJPEGでご提出くださいますようお願いいたします。大きさはモニタ上で文字が見えるサイズでお願い致します。 



  1. A slide (PDF or JPEG). For flash talk. Please submit the slides as a PDF file or JPEG file. If you submit as a PPTX file, the file design may collapse. In Flash Talk, please advertise the poster in 30 seconds per person. As usual, when the time comes, we will move on to the next announcement.
  2. A poster (JPEG). For poster session. PDF files cannot be displayed on REMO, so please be sure to submit in JPEG. Please make sure that the characters are readable on the monitor.
    Email address for submission:
    Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

〇At the poster presentation, you can put a pdf icon for downloading related materials. Details will be explained at the time of test connection.

Remoの接続環境について / Remo’s connection environment

ブラウザ:Google Chrome(最推奨)をご使用ください。


Browser: Google Chrome (most recommended).

※There have been reports of cases where it could not be opened when using Safari / Firefox.

With Remo, you can join a meeting simply by signing in with your browser email address without installing any software in advance.
For normal and stable operation, please update the Chrome to the newest version.
Please refer to this pdf file (in preparation) for a brief explanation of how to use it.

Remo(ポスター会場)について / About Remo (poster venue)


Remo is an online conference hall with booths (tables) for presenters that can seat up to 6 people.
Poster presentations will be made by posting poster images (jpg) on the whiteboard of each table. ERAN office will post the poster images sent in advance.
The poster can be freely enlarged or reduced by the participants at each table.
In addition, presenters can paste download files on the whiteboard, such as related papers that participants can read. In addition, participants can leave comments with the sticky note function for discussion. (These function will be explained during test connection period.)
You can also double-click to move between tables.

テスト接続のご案内 / Remo test connection




We will provide the same venue as the actual poster presentation on the following schedule.
ERAN staff will show how-tos; moving between the booths and posting the paper file. And will help you to acquire the knowledge necessary for poster presentation.

※Remo test venue(click the URL on the email to entry at your convenient time)

date / time 10‐12 12‐14 14‐16
March 10. (Wed.)
March 11. (Thu.)
March 12. (Fri.)


日時: 2021年3月12日10:00-16:00
184 615 6269

We will also be holding a WEBEX connection test as follows.
This test is only for checking the audio and video on/off, so there is no need to participate if you have experience with WEBEX meeting.

March 12, 2021, 10:00-16:00
Meeting link:
Meeting No:
184 615 6269
Password: Please refer to your email.