Data Analysis for International Collaboration Section

The mission of the CRiED is to archive terrestrial and marine data, and to conduct cutting-edge research by analyzing these data. In addition, we will contribute to the management of the CRiED and to the strengthening of the National Collaboration Center for Joint Usage, thereby contributing to the formation of a world-class center.
We will also create a new academic field linking terrestrial and marine environments through new environmental tracer analysis using these environmental isotopes.

In our research at the CRiED, we will conduct advanced research and international collaboration and dissemination through the maintenance, expansion, and analysis of data archives on Fukushima and many other radioactive materials.


Radiation Safety Management Division & Radioisotope Research Section


Terrestrial Isotope Transfer Processes Section

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Environmental Dynamics & Prediction Section

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Environmental Radioactivity Datasets website at CRiED, Univ. of Tsukuba

Radioactive Environmental Dynamics / Impact Assessment Network Joint Research Center

Interdisciplinary joint research on environmental dynamics, environmental and biological effects of radioactive materials

Advanced Human Resources Development Project (ENEP) that supports nuclear emergency response and radioactive waste treatment / disposal

Detailed rules for use of Isotope Environmental Dynamics Research Center

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