• NHK Fukushima: Hamanaka Aizu TODAY – Report SHINSAI 10 years after the nuclear accident(2021/02/08)
  • NHK General Television:Ohayo Nippon – 10 years after the nuclear accident(2021/02/04)
  • Al Jazeera English:Fukushima forests found to be radioactive(2013/03/10)
  • TBS:Special TV Program on Eastern Japan Earthquake (2012/09/17)
  • ASAHI:HODO Station (2012/08/22)
  • ASAHI Newstar:Science ASAHI (2011/12/22))
  • NHK:Ohayo NIPPON (2011/09/14)
  • NHK:Jiron Koron (2011/09/14)
  • TBS:Special TV Program on Eastern Japan Earthquake (2011/09/11)
  • NHK:IBARAKI waiwai Studio (2006/09/04)
  • NHK:Ohayo NIPPON the Metropolitan area (2006/09/01)
  • NHK ETV:Science ZERO,Environmental Series(1)(2005/06/04)
  • NHK Radio Daiichi:Radio Midnight News(2004/10/15)

Newspapers & Media

  • 2021/03/07 JIJI Tsushin: Early Reduction of Radioactive Impacts: Migration into the Ground, Less River Runoff – University of Tsukuba, etc., Fukushima Nuclear Accident
  • 2021/01/29 NIKKEI BUSSINESS DAILY: Earth Shincho Ryu:Restoration of Radioactive Contamination at Halfway Point: Fukushima Reconstruction Measures Based on Science
  • 2020/11/30 Akahata Shimbun SCIENCE:Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear accident, the dynamics of cesium on land is becoming clearer
  • 2020/11/16 NIKKEI Shimbun:Analysis of the release of radioactive materials from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident
  • 2020/10/29 ASAHI Shimbun:Fukushima Radiation Levels Decline Faster Than Chernobyl, University of Tsukuba
  • 2020/10/29 JAPAN ATOMIC INDUSTRIAL FORUM:University of Tsukuba and others analyze environmental recovery in Fukushima compared to Chernobyl
  • 2020/10/28 NIKKAN Kogyo Shimbun:Rapid reduction in cesium levels at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: University of Tsukuba and others verify activity of radioactive materials
  • 2020/10/28 FUKUSHIMA Minyu Shimbun:Fukushima ” environmental recovery” much faster – Chernobyl ‘comparison
  • 2020/09/17 ASAHI Shimbun:Where’s the Cesium from Fukushima Daiichi : The Revealing Reality
  • 2020/02/21 The Science News:Redistribution of radioactive materials in surface flow at the site of a forest fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • 2020/01/22 University Journal:Radioactive materials re-distributed by surface flow around Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • 2020/01/22 JAPAN ATOMIC INDUSTRIAL FORUM:Fukushima University and University of Tsukuba: Research results on radioactive material distribution by “surface flow” at the site of Chernobyl forest fires
  • 2020/01/17 NNA EUROPE:Radiation Redistributed at Former Site of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
  • 2020/01/16 NIKKEI Shimbun:Fukushima Univ., Univ. of Tsukuba, and JST reveal radioactive sediment migration at the site of a forest fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
  • 2020/01/16 Kankyo Tenbodai (NIES):Fukushima University and others clarify sediment transport containing radioactive materials in Chernobyl
  • 2020/01/16 TSUKUBA Science News:Surface flow is more likely to occur at the site of forest fires around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
  • 2013/01/24 NIHON SUIDO Shinbun:The future of water in the next 50 years, CREST “Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use”
  • 2012/12/04 NIKKEI Shinbun:Science&Tech.Flash- Research base of radiological influence
  • 2012/11/23 MAINICHI Newspaper: Eastern Japan Earthquake- Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident: University of Tsukuba established “Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics” to trace the radioactive contamination.
  • 2012/10/12 FUKUSHIMA Minyu: Severe “70% of prefectural land” we have no clue how long it will take to complete the decontamination of our forest.
  • 2012/09/26 ASAHI Newspaper (Ibaraki Metropolitan Area): Needs for contaminated waste treatment plant- public announcement of date to residents reccomended by Prof. Onda, University of Tsukuba
  • 2012/09/11 ASAHI Newspaper: A year and half memorial of Eastern Japan Earthquake: Continue the fight against radioactive contamination
  • 2012/03/14 MAINICHI Newspaper: Caesium in the bottom sediments of the dam, about 10 times the concentration of neighbor- Horai dam, FUKUSHIMA
  • 2012/03/14 TOKYO Newspaper: Rain cannot decontaminate radionuclides. Study Team-Only 2% per year at most
  • 2012/03/13 MAINICHI Newspaper: Radioactive material in the mud at the bottom of the dam: flow into river with rain and concentrated?
  • 2012/03/01 SANKEI Newspaper: Fear of fixing Cesium/ Urgent need of forest decontamination in Fukushima
  • 2012/02/05 YOMIURI Newspaper: Ability to measure implementation, the proficiency testing will be in force.
  • 2012/02/04 ASAHI Newspaper: Sample to provide accurate measurement of radioactivity / Variability of soil measurement calibration
  • 2012/02/04 MAINICHI Newspaper: Fukushima NPP : Standard sample of radioactive material to improve measurement accuracy -Distributed by University of Tsukuba
  • 2012/01/27 Newton: A chain of earthquake islands and Nuclear Power Plant 「Report on pollution status in forests」
  • 2012/01/15 YOMIURI Newspaper: Diffusion of radioactive material by Japan-France Research -Attention to the movement of water and soil
  • 2011/09/29 SUIDO Sangyo Shinbun: Development of Innovative Technologies for Increasing in Watershed Runoff and Improving River Environment by the Management Practice of Devastated Forest Plantation
  • 2011/09/14 ASAHI Newspaper: 90% of Cesium will be decreased by removing fallen leaves -Clue to the decontamination of forest
  • 2011/09/14 YOMIURI Newspaper: Radioactive cesium has fallen to the forest -deposited 50 to 90% on fallen leaves and branches
  • 2011/09/13 KYODO News: Forest Radioactive Contamination- Accumulation on the leaf and ground surface: significant difference between ceder and broadleaved tree
  • 2011/08/18 NIHON SUIDO Shinbun: Development of Innovative Technologies for Increasing in Watershed Runoff and Improving River Environment by the Management Practice of Devastated Forest Plantation
  • 2006/01/27 MAINICHI Newspaper: Artificial coniferous forests are 30% of water-retentive broad-leaved tree -The university research team causes a stir in a flood control discussion
  • 2005/07/16 ASAHI Newspaper:MADO-from Editorialist room-,Rain in the forest
  • 2004/10/16 YOMIURI Newspaper:Forest→Heavy Rain→Flooding -Experiment at large facilities
  • 2004/10/16 THE JAPAN AGRICULTURAL NEWS: Explore the mechanism of flooding
  • 2004/10/16 IBARAKI Newspaper: Artificial rain in forest for flood assessment
  • 2004/10/16 TOKYO Newspaper: To experiment with, such as forest rainfall distribution


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